Programmer / Nerd / Digital 4n6 Analyst / Security Researcher

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My name is Animesh Shaw, a Digital Forensics Analyst specializing in Windows Forensics & Registry Forensic Analysis, and a Penetration Tester, specializing in Web Application Security. Currently working as a Freelance Trainer on the above domains and related sub-domains. 

I graduated from West Bengal University of Technology in August 2015 in Computer Science Engineering (B. Tech).

I have a strong passion for building things and exploring the depths in my field of interest.  My passion made me a better programmer. Keeping in mind scalability and clean code that is maintainable and readable.

In my free time, I like to Read about Philosophy, Art & History. Watching Animes. Listening to Instrumental Music, and Sometimes writing a few stories on my own.

I am open to new opportunities, with my curriculum vitae available on request. If you want to discuss or collaborate on a project feel free to contact me.

My SkillSets

I own the following skills.

WebApp PenTest

I pentest websites and teach how to do it.

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Digital 4n6

I give training and provide consultancy in Cyber Forensics.

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I develop software in Java, Python etc..

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