Android Basics User Interfaces

NourishBack – Android Basics User Interfaces Project

Recently, I decided to take all the courses under the Android Basic Nanaodegee by Udacity. The whole nanodegree is a collection of five courses in total. This project was given at the end of the first course, Android Basics User Interfaces. You should check out the course on Udacity.

The course is very well designed and especially for fellows with no programming experience or intuition, for someone like me who have good experience working in software development and have spent a good amount of time programming, for them the progression could be very slow and a bit boring to be honest, but I did enjoy listening to Katherine, she’s very cute. Well, putting all of these aside I still think the course is extremely well and well-suited for all ages.

In this project, we were supposed to make a Greetings Card like App.

NourishBack Android App - Android Basics User Interfaces

Project:  Build a Single Screen App

Project Overview

To test your skills from this free course, design and implement a single screen app that displays information about a fictional small business. Think along the lines of your favorite coffeeshop, local restaurant, or that gem of a store that sells those rare comic books or records.

Project Code:

Direct download.

I am always opened to new ideas and feel free to reach out to me.  You can provide your feedback in the comments below. Have a look at some of my other posts.

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