Unity Game Developer Course

Review – C# Unity Game Developer Course on Udemy

I have always liked Gaming and like anybody else, I wanted to make my own games. After I learned Java (Back in 2012 Р2013) I did make a few games like Brick Breaker, Ping-Pong, Bouncing Ball or Minesweeper but nothing too fancy. Earlier this year I found this course on Udemy by Ben Tristem. See the image below.

After watching the game promo video and reading the reviews I knew that I had to just get this course for myself. Well I did get it and if you’re anything like me, believe me, you’ll just love this course completely. They cover the basics and explain every aspect of Unity as and when required. Of course, you shouldn’t be expecting them to explain each and every menu item or feature built into Unity but yes, if you follow through the lectures and the hands-on game development lessons to the very end, you will end up learning enough to be able to build 2D Side Scroller games pretty well and maybe more (depends on your interest level and hard work and most importantly Google Searching Techniques :D).

What I find most interesting is the fact that listening to the lectures will inspire you and instigate the notion to explore more. After the first game was completed we were asked to develop a text adventure game by ourselves and post them on the GameDev Community.

I ended up spending a lot of time developing a Text Adventure game named as Cave Of Hope. You can read about it here. Many features like dynamic image changes, background audio, custom fonts, resource management weren’t taught when the NumberWizard Game Section ended but I personally wanted to develop¬†something which the community will appreciate and hence ended up doing a lot of Googling (:D) and self-experimentation. My lack of experience in C# didn’t become a big deal because I was well versed in Java. The rest kind of followed automatically. The community is very helpful as well and when I got stuck at some point I received help from some other members.

Well, that’s that, I don’t want to bore you people with a huge article. Hence, sign up for the course yourself, read the reviews by other people and if you’re aren’t happy request for a refund. IT’S DEAD SIMPLE.

Good Luck and Happy Building Games. I will post articles for the games I develop on my site as and when I make them.

Bye and See You Soon.

Animesh Shaw.