Ethereum For Beginners

Review – Ethereum For Beginners on Udemy

With all the hype on Blockchain Technology, Bitcoin Trading etc. I decided to get my hands dirty with this topic. I don’t want to include a lot of useless info here and move away from the primary topic by discussing, why I am reviewing “Ethereum” and not Bitcoin or Litecoin related courses. It’s something I wish to discuss in a different blog article.

You should read some articles on the evolution of Blockchain, such as the ones linked below:

Long story short to become a Blockchain Developer, I took this free course on Udemy by Ravinder Deol & Thomas Wiesner.

What do I think of “Ethereum For Beginners” Course?

I just completed the course a few mins back. Ethereum for Beginners - Certificate - Animesh Shaw In my opinion, the course provides a very introductory and simplified version of Blockchain and it’s complex architecture. Thomas had explained the concepts well enough to make you more curious about the Ethereum Tech and the other underlying technologies that are working together like MIST, GeTH, Remix etc.

The course starts with the basic definition of Blockchain and walks along the same lines to start with Ethereum Client, Geth, and how to setup it up on your system?. Followed by deploying it on your private network. I find the course balanced but still, it lacks content which most participants would find useful. Mr. Deol did mention in the beginning that this course contains materials from their other more popular courses but still, I was expecting some more ammo.

After doing this course I am curious enough to try this out myself or maybe purchase their other courses but I am disappointed that I didn’t get to see more examples or gain a little more depth on the subject.

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