Text Adventure Game Cave Of Hope

Unity Text Adventure Game Project – Cave Of Hope

In my earlier post, I gave my review on the Learn to Code by Making Games – Complete C# Unity Developer course on Udemy by Ben Tristem, you may read my article here. In that article, I mentioned that I made my first Text Adventure game named Cave Of Hope and in this article, I will be giving the rest of the details about the game.

Text Adventure Game – Cave Of Hope

Cave of Hope is a Simple and Beginner Level Text Adventure Game made with Unity3D 5.6 and Visual Studio.

Game Story

You seek knowledge from your Village Elder for a cure to your mother’s chronic disease. He asks you to clear a dungeon and overcome the challenges and they will lead you to some miracle. But he warns you to be wary of your surroundings.

Game Design Document

Since the game is built upon the concept of Finite State Machine (FSM) I designed the following GDD.

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    Cave Of Hope Game Design

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Okay, Enough Said let’s get to the most important stuff.

Live Game Demo

You can play the game live here

Source Code

I have kept an open mind and made the entire project Open Source and it is hosted on Github.

Project Link: https://github.com/AnimeshShaw/CaveOfHope-Text-Adventure-Game

Download: https://github.com/AnimeshShaw/CaveOfHope-Text-Adventure-Game/releases/tag/v1.1-Beta


This is my first game in Unity and I hope you like it. I am open to constructive criticism and suggestions. So shoot them my way or contact me. Good Day to you and Keep Coding.

Bye and See You Soon,

Animesh Shaw.